Friday, December 16, 2005

Do we think?

One can accept that this sting operation is to divert attention from Natwar to something else, but look at it objectively. These types of things are not unreal. These are coming to surface. It is learnt that Aniruddh Bahal in contact with channel for couple of months. Has the channel revealed all facts. There might be some facts deleted. Or some other journalist might have CDs hotter than these. we are an opaque society, where every information or leak should be tested from different angles. What is the purpose behind it? Whose purpose? Is there anybody interested in peoples cause.Certainly there are, but they are weak. They have no support, because people are weak. They are not real drivers of this democracy. They can be misinformed. We should crate structures to varify informations. We need good social scintists, journalists, their institutions etc. People can be emotionally exploited with religion, cast, region, language basis. Vibrant democracies function under the guidance of people. But this human element should be qulitatively high.

Now the sting operation. Sure we should not accept whatever is shown. Tapes can be doctored. Or editing can change the meaning. Some cuts change the whole idea. Privacy and the public good are not two diverse values. We can accept infringement of values if the outcome is for the public good. Then who is Aniruddh Bahal, why he is in this trade, whether he is a sincere journalist, or He want to rise to heights in seconds? There are thusands of questions. Even jobs done with evil intentions help society by bringing out new informations. We are one of the biggest democracies. Such issue give us chance to discuss and be informed. It makes us mature.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Money is one of the biggest source of power. One power attracts other powers. We all know that what we see is not all. There are activities we will never know. People have money. They want to buy something of their use. They can buy a country if peoples representatives are ready. They do. They all are not foreigners. This is not the age of imperialism or empires. No need of building empires. Some of our own people have vested interests. It was in all ages. It will remain in future too. What we need a transparent system. No need of being too puritan or idealist. A system of political donations should be created. Every one either a company or individual has a right to ask questions in the Parliament through their representative. I see no harm even if I spend some money to get my question asked. Issue is what is the question, how it is being listed, does it got preference over more important questions etc.Commercial people also have a right to ask questions.
It would be good if parties and individuals are allowed to take donations, maintain their accounts, pay income tax, spend money on research on social, commercial or whatever issue. Keep everything transparent. Peoples representatives are very important people. They are answerable to people, but people should be informed. Are We? Do we discuss things in pragmatic manner. India is a land of spiritualism. We escape reality. Let us come forward. Read, write and discuss issues in realistic frame.
India is a huge democracy. More than one billion people, most of them illiterate, un skilled, absolute poor. A small middle class looks after their interests. This class is irresponsible. They can do miracles, but they do'nt.